A few things I have in my Amazon Affiliate shop. If you buy them through the links below, I get a few pence from each purchase. If you like the idea and don't feel comfortable buying through my links (although it doesn't cost you anything extra!) feel free just to go to amazon and search for them yourself!

All items for sale are things I have tried. You may even find reviews of some of them on the blog!

A good way to earn vouchers for shopping Amazon is Swagbucks. This is a referral link, if you join through that link I get some extra points!

Happy shopping!

Safety Razor

When this turns up there'll be a review, until then this is wishful thinking!

Movie - Glorious 39

Lovely movie, gorgeous costumes!

Movie - Easy Virtue

Great cast, beautiful costumes, Colin Firth is in it! Need I say more!

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