Monday, 25 November 2013

Stitch by Stitch

Hello there!

It's a bit cold really for tapping out a blog post. Need to be doing something active, my fingers and toes are freezing! I'll have to learn to knit socks. 

Which brings me neatly onto my topic for today. 

See what I did there....!

We've been starting to clear our garage over this last week. Some sad finds. Ruined fifties petticoats and a handmade dress. Apparently there's mice in there! 

There's still some suitcases of clothes to go through, but Eric's gran was tiny. So I have no hope except for accessories! 

One thing there was an abundance of though was magazines. Including these Stitch by Stitch ones from the 80s. 

They're a little dated, but there's a lot of handy how to's and little projects like the one above that make them worth keeping. 

So without rambling on too much more, here's a few of my favourite pages! 

Free skirt pattern. Uncut. Casual and comfy I think! 

Sweet summer dress fitted with shirring around the bodice. 

Suffolk Puff quilt. Not just for prams. Great for using up scraps of fabric! 

Velvet winter dress. With a few tweaks could look very 40s! Slightly less poof to the shoulders maybe! 

Simple nightdress pattern. With tap pant style shorts as well. I'm thinking more undergarments than night wear! 

Trench coat. Basic but smart! 

Crocheted daisies. Why not. 

A lovely little find to cheer up the monotony of clearing!


P.S. do you have any go to guides you love? Cheap pattern sources? 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Cape for Christmas

I know. I said the C word. I've just spent an hour at a Christmas Market at the Tiptree Jam Factory with my at some point to be sister-in-law. There was Christmas music. It's got me feeling all sparkly!! 

Mulled wine, roast chestnuts, hot chocolate and mince pies. Fake snow and fancy decorations. It was a good evening, but not the best thing that happened today. 

I give you, my charity shop cape!

It's pretty awesome. Zipped openings for your arms. Cute collar. Smart navy. Good, warm winter length. 

But wait!!

What's this?!

It's only bloody reversible! Look at that face. Imagine my excitement when I discovered this Amazingness! 

Bird Jo. Apparently it looks like a wing man suit. Meh. 

See how happy I am?

There's more! Whilst ringing my mum to tell her all about the amazing cape (we all do this right?!) I looked for a label. 

The reversible bit of the coat explains why neither I or the charity shop folk could find one.  

So I fiddled about between layers.

It's only Burberry! A Burberry cape for £12.99. That's reversible. 

Yes please. Don't mind if I do! 

So sorry for the bad phone quality photos, but I'm far too excited to wait for proper ones! 

Here's a picture of me looking all excited again. Just in case you forget. 



P.S. what's your best bargain from a charity shop? This beats my previous hands down!! 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

October Instagram Round Up

Top five of my most liked photos from October. 

Yes I managed to miss September completely. I will try harder. Many exciting things are occurring here at the moment but they are taking time! :-S please bear with me! 

So with no further ado:

Red hair with a cherry print bow! All dolled up for my dad's big birthday! It was a great night and we managed to get 70 candles on a cake. It was a raging inferno and the chocolate may have melted!!

My first attempt at inserting a sleeve, but with no pattern. My sewing skills seem ok. Pattern making skills, not so much! 

My beautiful blue lace circle skirt. I am pretty proud of this one! Two layers and the lace looks amazing. It didn't even take that long to make! 

For bored and wrote some stuff on a picture! When the finished table is back in my sticky mitts I will post another picture as this is only halfway through! Finished it's like a mirror! Seriously, you can read stuff in that surface! 

And last but not least, no make up and no filter selfie! After having had some issues with attempting to dye my hair blonde, I've gone back to fairly near my natural brunette. Which is sort of fading to a reddish colour as we go on. Darn red hair dye! Should definitely have gone blonde first. It's my plan after the red grows out now! 

That's all for now :-) catch you all again soon and thank you for reading!


P.S. what was your favourite thing last month?